Is Banksy a punk, hoodlum, or vandal?

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Vandal Boots

Written by MJ

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September 14, 2021

“When street artists do it, it’s vandalism,” said one graffiti writer. “When Banksy does it, it’s an art piece. There’s a disconnect there.”

Source: Why Is Banksy the Only Person Allowed to Vandalize Britain’s Walls?

Banksy can do it, so, can you?

Banksy, how do you make everything so pErfEct?

Rémi Gaillard + Dr. LoveYoutube star Rémi Gaillard and artwork by street artist Dr. Love from Upfest in Bristol, England.”EcoMask” by Rémi GaillardYoutuber Rémi GaillardW

Source: EcoMask – Rémi Gaillard and Dr. Love

Rémi might say None of The Above. But might we ask the same question of Rémi?

All things being equal, some artists are just TOO pefFect, are they not?

Is there an artist you like as much, or dare we say it, MORE than Banksy?

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