Street Beat Presents Urban Art Legends

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Mural street art composite

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May 24, 2021

Legends of Street Art

Urban guerilla artists, with roots in the street, create art for the people by the people in unconventional mediums that include stickers, spray paint, stencils and posters (wheat paste).

Graffiti once considered an annoyance at best by those who don’t understand it, is now highly sought after mainstream art commanding high prices.

Graffiti | Guerrilla Art | Street Art is typically an unauthorized, creative art piece displayed in a public space to create awareness, make a statement, jolt, mock or evoke whatever sentiment the artist wishes to provoke.

Stenciled images, pasted up stickers and posters, big letters made with spray cans, that’s the stuff we’re talking about.

Street Beat presents a list of legendary artists of street art style. 

ATOME -Australian writer attributes the advantages of developing his writing style beyond the influence of  the graffiti artists in the NYC scene. 


Overrated(?) international man of mystery and street artist.

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“A lot of people never use their initiative because no one told them to.” -Banksy

Ben Eine at work 16

English artist born in London known for his alphabet lettering and a variety of lettering styles. Founded a screen printing company Pictures On Walls (POW) with Banksy.

One of Eine’s pieces was presented to Obama as a gift from Britain’s Prime Minister.

Blek le Rat - Sleeping man

Originator of stencil art in Paris featuring rats. Banksy claims to be inspired by 3D but the rat themes are similar. Influenced by NYC graffiti after a visit in 1971.

In 2006 began a series to call attention to the plight of the homeless.

Carolina Falkholt 2013

Describes her art as “grafitta.” She grew up in Sweden, later moved to Sweden where she began to paint graffiti (grafitta). 

Moved to NYC in the 90’s where she painted with different crews for record companies. Today, back in Sweden, her works often include vibrant arrays of endless circles with inspiration drawn from the body.

Cope2 / Bruxelles - 6 sep 2018

Cope2 is an underdog of street art.

Coney Island - Coney Art Walls: Collide-A-Scope by Daze

70’s graffiti artist out of NYC who has transitioned from the streets to the galleries to numerous museums.

Doze Green
Henry Chalfant

Lady Pink
Mode 2

Nick Walker
Robbie Conal

Sane Smith
Stephen Powers
T-KID 170
Tracy 168

Pacman Guggenheim

International liberator of space invaders from their video consoles.

shepard fairey

Obey. Obama. ICA… you probably own a couple of his t-shirts, right?

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